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Golden Times of Dutch Painting. Kremer Collection meets Rau Collection

»This period was the Golden Age of Art, and the golden apples fell into the artists’ mouths of their own accord.«

Arnold Houbraken, 1718–21

This year, two high-ranking international collections, the Kremer Collection and the Rau Collection for Unicef, which has been entrusted to the Arp Museum for many years, enter into a lively dialogue. Like Gustav Rau, George and Ilone Kremer are inspired by the narrative joy of Dutch art: in the portraits full of character, the atmospheric landscapes, the dramatic religious altarpieces, the humorous everyday scenes and, finally, in the masterful still lifes. We are showing a selection of the best here at the Arp Museum.

It is a Who’s Who of Dutch baroque painting from Rembrandt van Rijn, Hendrik ter Brugghen, Frans Hals, Judith Leyster to Gerrit Dou.

For study and pleasure the art of the Golden Age was created. All three collectors are united by their passion for unravelling the painterly contents and enigmatic messages of the often multilayered paintings. Beneath the warm tonality of the picture surfaces, we find the whole range of feelings and endless stories, sometimes in classical, sometimes in everyday dress.

The Kremer Museum | Virtual-Reality Museum

The exhibition is complemented by the Kremer Museum – the first virtual reality museum worldwide. Designed by Dutch architect Johan van Lierop and digitally realized by the agency Moyosa Media, the museum has offered the opportunity to virtually experience 74 works from the collection since 2017. Each work was photographed around 3,000 times in order to be experienced as a high-resolution 3-D model in virtual space using photogrammetry. From the surface texture to the color palette to the provenance information on the back of a work, much can be discovered.