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The Kremer Museum

In 2017 the Kremer Collection launched the Kremer Museum, an innovative new concept that combines Virtual Reality technology with world-class masterpieces. Designed by architect Johan van Lierop, Founder of Bouwery and then Principal at Studio Libeskind, the museum features 74 Dutch & Flemish Old Master paintings from the Collection 

In 2024, we are proud that, together with the technical producers of Moyosa Media, we are bringing the museum to the browser, enabling a far larger audience to enjoy this pioneering museum experience. With a newly updated user-experience design, you are invited to explore the museum’s architecture, its galleries and of course; the paintings. Listen to George and Ilone speak about the artworks via audio tours, zoom into the paintings using our zoom tool, and even project the paintings on to your physical walls using your mobile device.

Our journey as collectors has always been about finding the highest quality artworks and simultaneously finding ways to share them with as many people as possible. My wife Ilone and I believe we can make a greater contribution to the art world by investing in technology rather than in bricks and mortar for our collection.”  George Kremer, Founder of the Kremer Collection, says. “After the proven initial success of the VR museum, we are even more confident that digital will enable us to execute our mission to to reach a large global audience, with exciting visual storytelling”

On designing the museum, architect Johan van Lierop notes, “To design a museum without gravity, plumbing or code regulations is a dream for every architect. I think VR is to the 21st century what Dutch Realism was for the Golden Age, allowing the observer to escape into an alternative reality or mindset. Architecture often uses VR to enhance a project’s representation before it is built, often for real estate sales purposes, but using VR to embrace architecture as a spatial experience on itself was very unique to me. VR opens up a whole new realm for the architectural practice, where ideas and concepts are no longer bound to the limits of passive visuals but can be a fully immersive experience.”

This virtual museum, which features meticulously recreated paintings and an exceptional space whose design alludes to the scientific and artistic vigor of the Golden Age, is a leap forward in making it truly possible for the public to experience masterworks in a museum setting, regardless of background and location.


George Kremer continues, “The Kremer Museum is a combined result of what we appreciate as collectors and art lovers, such as perfect lighting, the possibility to look at the back of the paintings, and a perfectly designed space by a world-class architect, and the hard work and vision of an incredibly committed team of highly talented and innovative producers and developers to make this come to life. The final product that Joël Kremer and his team have innovated pushes all boundaries – the resolution of the visuals is of a higher quality than the human eye can process, the museum is ready to scale to the improvements made to the resolution of the hardware in the near future, and therefore the experience will only get better and better.”