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The Kremer Collection Newsletter IX

Newsletter IX dated .. June 2009


With the closing in Haarlem on Sunday 21 June the 2008/2009 tour of our collection has now ended.The exhibition in the Frans Hals Museum received a tremendous amount of publicity in Dutch national and local newspapers, magazines, radio and television – see below.

The exhibition was seen by more than 52.000 visitors, more than any other exhibition held in the FHM during the last 10 years. More importantly, critical reception has been very positive by both art circles and the general public. This can be witnessed from comments made verbally and written down in the guestbooks. Also, the Frans Hals Museum conducted an internet survey some of the results of which (as they pertain to our exhibition) we publish here.

  • 82% of visitors came specifically for the exhibition
  • 90% had heard about the exhibition before their visit
  • 40% gave a 4 (out of 5) for appreciation, 50% even a 5 out 5!
  • 86% used the booklet handed out to the public and most found it clearly written, handy format and informative.

Note: survey approached 3302 people of which 444 responded and participated (13.44%).

During the last 6-9 months some new acquisitions for the Collection were made and therefore these were not included in the 2008/2009 catalogue. The following new acquisitions were shown in Haarlem:

  • Egbert van der Poel, Village fire by night, dated 1658 (see Newsletter VIII)
  • Adriaen van Ostade, Smiling peasant, ca. 1630-35 (see Newsletter VIII)
  • Jan Miense Molenaer, Taste, ca. 1630-35 Anonymous, A woman baking pancakes with a boy, ca. 1655-60
  • Aelbert Cuyp, Lumberyard near Dordrecht, dated 1639

Pictures of these last 3 works are shown below. More details will be published in the future. The re-discovered early Aelbert Cuyp was featured on the television news service (NOS) on 23 April 2009.


Jan Miense Molenaer – Taste


Anonymous, A woman baking pancakes with a boy


2009-04-20 Albert Cuyp small

Aelbert Cuyp, Lumberyard near Dordrecht


In conclusion, the 3 exhibitions in Cologne, Kassel and Haarlem attracted over 100.000 visitors. We are very grateful to the Wallraf-Richartz Museum & Fondation Corboud in Cologne, Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel, Schloss Wilhelmshoehe in Kassel and the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem for having given us the opportunity to show our Collection in these great European museums!

Radio interviews:

  • Villa VPRO 12 February 2009
  • BNR 16 February 2009
  • Kunststof  16 February 2009 – link (start at 3.00 minutes)
  • BNR 24 April 2009 – link (start at 45 seconds)


  • TV SHOW OP REIS 4 April 2008
  • DWDD (De Wereld Draait Door) 10 February 2009- link (start at 17.55 minutes)
  • NOS news 23 April 2009 – link (start at 7.50 minutes


Starting June 22, the FAA has resumed, and in some instances, increased its long-term loans as follows:

Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem:

  • Frans Hals, Portrait of a man,
  • Isack van Ostade, Winterlandscape,
  • Judith Leyster, Still life with fruit basket
  • Jan Miense Molenaer, Taste

De Lakenhal, Leiden:

  • Lievens, Christ at the column,
  • Copy after Rembrandt, Baptism of the eunuch,
  • Anonymous, A painter in his studio
  • Jan Davidsz. De Heem Still life

Wallraf-Richartz Museum & Fondation Corboud, Cologne:

  • Hendrick ter Brugghen, The Luteplayer
  • Jan Lievens, Landscape

The Mauritshuis, The Hague:

  • Rembrandt, Old man with turban
  • Michael Sweerts, Young maidservant
  • Gerrit Dou, Selfportrait
  • Gerrit van Honthorst, Avarice
  • Pieter de Hooch, Man reading a letter to a woman
  • Emmanuel de Witte, Interior of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

Furthermore, additional longterm loans are being discussed with other museums and we hope to publish details in the near future in our Newsletter. All the other works in the Collection now return to the Mauritshuis, The Hague for safekeeping.


NEW TOUR IN 2012-2013

The Mauritshuis is scheduled to close in 2012 for extensive construction, lasting approx. 2 years. This means the Collection will have to move out during this period. Consequently, the FAA is considering a second, international tour of the Collection starting sometime late 2011/early 2012 and lasting up to 2 years.

At present, we are exploring a number of possible venues in Europe, the Far East and the US.

Should you be interested, please contact us at