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The Kremer Collection

Discover Dutch and Flemish Old Masters

Founded in 1994 by George and Ilone Kremer, the Kremer Collection is a privately owned collection of 17th century Dutch and Flemish old masters. New acquisitions are made regularly, and many interesting schools and genres are represented throughout the collection. Our mission is to

“share our art with as many peoplpe globally as possible and promote Dutch and Flemish old master paintings”.

To do so, our team actively acquires, restores, researches, publishes and markets all works in the collection, through our offline loan program, as well as our digital channels.  Many interesting schools and genres are represented throughout the Collection, such as Caravaggism/Utrecht, Leiden, Delft, Haarlem, Amsterdam, genre interiors, landscape painting, history painting, Italianate art, marines, and portraits.

We hope you enjoy this experience; welcome to the Kremer Collection!

Ilone & George Kremer


Featured paintings

Virtual museum

In 2017, The Kremer Museum was launched to bring a museum like experience to people all over the world using Virtual Reality technology. Today, we are proud to present this digital experience to you via our website. Come in and explore!


Throughout the history of art, creatives have both learned from and been inspired by their predecessors and contemporaries. In the 16th and 17th century (and after) this created very interesting narratives to see how artists and their works could be connected to one another. A good starting point was often their “school” where they studied, worked and often even taught the craft of drawing and painting. We wanted to make an interactive visualization of those connections within our collection. Enjoy!